Student Equity

“Each one, reach one.”
We begin with a basic equity principle—don’t lose the student. RCC is first committed to establishing an effective, campus-wide culture of outreach that will allow us to surround students in targeted equity groups with the academic, instructional, self-affirming and direct support they may need in order to stay engaged in campus life, successfully enrolled in courses and to ultimately receive degrees and certificates and transfer to colleges and universities in a timely manner. Counselors, educational advisors, faculty and peer equity advocates will be trained to work together as Equity Teams with a caseload of students along discipline, departmental and/ or program lines or according to a student’s participation in a campus equity program. When we make this intentional outreach our mission, then we are all responsible for our students’ successful completion of their educational goals. Through intrusive and deliberate support services, students:
  • will become engaged in academic and equity activities within a supportive campus community, and;
  • will be provided many opportunities to explore their unique academic and professional interests in the best traditions of Riverside City College.
Student Groups which present Proportionality Gaps Across Success Indicators - Winter 2019

Student Equity Plan

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Contact Information

Dr. Allison Douglas-Chicoye
Dean of Student Success & Support
(951) 222-8038 | E-Mail
Mr. Marc Sanchez | Student Equity Chair
Associate Professor, Mathematics
(951)328-3765 | E-Mail
Mr. Nader Ghopreal
Grants Administrative Specialist
(951) 328-3869 | E-Mail ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​